Love & Liberation — What we can learn from the lives of great change agents (Part 4 of an exploration of suffering & transformation)
Mural in Greensboro, NC In this final of four blog posts on suffering and transformation, I wanted to explore how hardship is the crucible for helping us become our higher selves. A crucible is a container where objects are subjected to great heat so they can be remade. The lives …
What the Laughing Buddha Knew — Part 3 on Transforming Suffering
In the last two posts, we explored the nature of suffering (http://spiritualsushi.com/making-sense-of-suffering-part-1/) and how to transform it (http://spiritualsushi.com/attend-befriend-part-2-engaging-transforming-suffering/). This third post in the series is about building the inner capacity to make this shift. There is a story of the Laughing Buddha that helped me see this pattern. The Laughing …
Attend & Befriend (Part 2 — Engaging & Transforming Suffering)
Image from Jorge Rojashttps://unsplash.com/photos/792DVvbiBBo In the last Spiritual Sushi post, about the nature of suffering (http://spiritualsushi.com/making-sense-of-suffering-part-1/), the focus was on how do we shift from suffering to acceptance and compassion. Here I offer the most helpful guidance I have found.  As humans, we are wired to react to threats with …
Making Sense of Suffering (Part 1 – Awareness & Intention)
Experiencing pain and suffering are a salient part of being human. We have all have been served with hardships and loss, some of us to a far greater degree than others. Pain experienced repeatedly and left to fester becomes embedded trauma. Trauma unhealed metastasises and is triggered again and again. …

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