Out Beyond Right and Wrong (Seeing our Way Through these Troubled Times)
The mystic Rumi wrote, “Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I’ll meet you there.” We are in a time in history when fierce battles of righteousness are being waged. In the US, in the wake of the bitterly contested elections (and long before), we are …
The Parable of the Stonecutter (and a Message about Goals and Grace)
The New Year is a time when we focus on setting goals, framing intentions, and sharing aspirations. We think about what we want to create in our lives. Wanting things that are different and better is a part of being human. It is also a delicate dance with acceptance of …
Leave it at the Stream (Putting the Happy into the New Year)
We’re at the end of an exceptional year. The passage of one year into another is a time for reflection and intention. What do you leave behind? What do you carry forward into the future? There is a story of two monks who were making their way home when they …
Death and Eternity. A Matter of Perspective
We’re at the end of a remarkable year. With the outbreak, loss and death have also been on our minds. Death seems like a sharp and final event but is there another way to look at existence? There is a story that I heard about Steve jobs. In the story, …

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